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girls only please

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hello everyone this community is where girls can spread love..lol! well not really but you can i have rules like most communities do.

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hello everyone this community is where girls can spread love..lol! well not really but you can i have rules like most communities do.
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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;This community is not for rating or blinkies or any other of your "average" communities. This community is for GiRLS to come and be GiRLS. cuz i was thinking and all girls are soo mean to each other !! we should stick together, man. so i created this community for girls to come and share hair, makeup, nail, face, clothes & any other kinda "GiRL STUFF" tips with each other. you can come here & talk to anybody about your boyfriend that just dumped you ( or your girlfriend :D ) & talk about how you just found out your mom has a drug problem so come here and be YOURSELF !! This is a girls unity.


1//: drama will NOT be tolerated. this is for us girls to come & be friends, not enemies.

2//: try not to type like this "LyKe St@y BeAYOUt!fUl, c0Z liiKe TDaTz qOoDDD". cuz that is not readable.. but the above shit is just a no. sorry if that offends you.

3//: In one of your first posts or along the way at least, put in your AiM or AOL name b/c a girl may need someone to talk to right away b/c of something in her life.. and posts dont always get read according to our feelings.

4//: please be open to everyones opinions if you do mo like what they post please tell me and i'll do something about it.

5//: please DON't advertise other communities I don’t mind like asking ppl to join as a friend and all but no other communities if you wanna do that then ask me first but if do it must be created by you

6//: if you have any ideas or suggestions, please tell me by AIM or commenting in my journal

7//: keep in mind, this is NOT ONLY a tip place. you can talk about anything here. this is NOT a judgemental community.

8//: we just cannnot stress it enough : NO DRAMA !!!!! please ! take your hating elsewhere. ;D

9//: HAVE FUN (most important)

10//: the first 2 ppl who wanna be added when they comment will be also a moderator.

11//:we love pictures so please put as many pictures as you like.but please put them behind an lj-cut if you do not know how to do this please ask <lj user="hawaiianbabe844">

other alike communities: <lj comm="teenunity">

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